Comments: Very different than all the other beers we tried. ) Before the test begins, Rachel poses with all of our candidates. Like Guinness you can t drink them forever, I d start with this, then move on to O Doul s. I would ve kept on drinking it and finished a whole bottle if there was a point to doing that. Stereotypes about the Irish being wildly unqualified to make non-alcoholic beer -- and saying things like that s like Colombians manufacturing baking soda -- proved untrue. THAT S super cold of you, Canadians who now own Coors. It feels like drinking a beer, just with less taste. A little bit of a metallic aftertaste but otherwise good. Old Milwaukee N/A (average score: 7/11) - We were a bit prejudiced against this one going in since (1) it s Old Milwaukee (2) it only came in cans, not bottles and (3) again, it s Old Milwaukee. ) Buckler Alcohol Free (by Heineken) (average score: 8. It almost feels like this came from a brewery suffering from that syndrome.

(In case you re wondering, I spent $89 on non-alcoholic beer. 75/11) - Kaliber isn t as thick as Guinness. Last time I drank O Doul s was during a chugging contest (long story), and it was served so cold that chugging it made it hard for me to breathe for the next two days. It was also the last one we tested so everyone was fairly fatigued on non-alcoholic beer. ) I m a big fan of Erdinger Real, and wasn t surprised to find Erdinger N/A performed so well. 25/11) - I was immediately skeptical of the Coors N/A when I realized the bottles don t have indicators of coldness -- what, non-alcoholic beer drinkers don t care about the transition from cold to super cold. 0% alcohol, the others have tiny traces, this doesn t, so I know I could drink 50 of them and it would be ok. Also, you ll notice that in our taste testing comments, the last comment is always something much dumber and more random than the previous comments. I don t mind it out of the bottle, but don t pour it into a glass and let it breathe. I thought they only made non-alcoholic beer. So the fact that it was actually pretty good was the undisputed upset of the night.

25/11) - I m not sure which came first, Beck s N/A or Beck s Ultra Super Duper Light, but they are very, very similar. It s also pretty highly respected and other reviews seemed to really like it. (Which, if it exists, would be a painfully unbearable subset of beer snobs..
. I d highly recommend this as a gift to your more discerning non-alcoholic beer snob. Just adding that receipt to the pile of extraordinarily random tax write-offs I get from doing 11 Points. Rachel s comments are most prominently featured, since she s the pregnant one who actually drinks this stuff. Apparently it s not even sold in the Netherlands anymore because it s so scorned. 75/11) - Sharp s is Miller s entry into the non-alcoholic beer world. ...

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